Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Starve the Cannibal

Organic life is a long drawn out process of decay.
What can use decay?
One might think of the Gods as eaters of the dead. Cosmic and subtle mushrooms, they grow out of death, out of waste.
Organic life feeds immortal life.
An up beat and a down beat, an in breath and an out.
Objective life results from the marriage of these two.
Without mortality to eat through, no Gods, without the Gods the cycle ends, an exhale without an inhalation.
The result: stagnation.
Organic life that rejects the immortal is the equivalent of the Great Goddess aborting the new God growing in the womb, a universe gone cannibal.
Cooperation facilitates life.
Trust, the sacrifice of self, serves a mutual and conscious act of creation.
An awakened cosmology is composed entirely of willing servants whereas an endarkened cosmology is built of warring masters.
The universe is composed without as it is within.
Therefore you must choose to either become vulnerable or tyrannical, naked or dead, and your decision rules the fate of worlds within worlds.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Experiment: Telepathic Contact Tag

Obtain a set of Tattwa cards, or make a set yourself.
You will need a partner for this experiment.
Sit in a chair facing your partner.
Take time to establish a strong connection by simply sitting together (ala contact tag.).
When you are both ready to begin, shuffle the cards and set a timer for 5 minutes. Hold a card up so that you can see it, but your partner can only see the back of the card. While you gaze at the symbol on the card remain relaxed and in contact with your partner.
It is your partner’s objective to identify the card you are holding without seeing it.
After they make an attempt at identifying it, you will show them the card, whether right or wrong, and discard it. You will pull another card and repeat the process.
You should move at a rapid pace, your partner will make telepathic attempts without too much deliberation, preferably suggesting the first impression that comes to mind.
When the timer sounds, switch roles.
Now it is your turn to attempt to identify the card that your partner is holding.
Throughout the experiment remain placid, maintain the contact, and make quick decisions.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Exercising the Will

Choose any exercise/ experiment that you can do on your own.
One of the suggested experiments from this text will do, or another is fine- as long as it will take no more than five minutes out of your day and it doesn’t require a partner.
Write out a statement that you intend to perform the experiment daily for seven days and sign it.
Make it as easy as possible. There is no need to select an experiment that is challenging for you. In fact, that would be counterproductive. The aim here is to develop the muscle that is your will.
The experiment you pick could be as basic as pointing to yourself in the mirror once a day and saying, “I got you babe.”
The key is to state your will and carry it out.
Eventually you can build up to larger commitments.
For now make it something small and keep a record of how able you are to follow through with the intention.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Try It

All of the experiments offered here are just that, experiments. They are meant to be tried. The only way to perceive the method is to try it. It is not possible to communicate a Way by merely talking about it, any more than it is possible to grasp a Way by merely hearing about it.
It must be experienced.
You could waste a whole lifetime in trying to select the perfect teacher, the perfect school, the perfect Way. If you wait for perfection nothing will happen. The secret is to grab what comes along and try it, work with it. Then through trial and error you can refine it. Just definitely, definitely do something.

"...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." (1891)

-Theodore Roosevelt

As a final tip with regard to grasping Way, remember to listen to the quiet voice. Judge an experiment by your experiences in the days that follow it, rather than by the 5 or 10 minute experience itself.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pain is an Opportunity

It is ingrained in most of us to shrink from pain, to try to make it go away as soon as possible, to fade into darkness and make ourselves vanish from the scene if we can't make it disappear. This is absolutely understandable and reasonable.
But in our work we may find ourselves in a space where pain is ongoing... Never stopping and never ending. Like a giant wave, it may threaten to swallow us up completely.
Once that space is reached (and if we are truly working, it will be reached) we face our greatest challenge and our greatest opportunity.
When the pain is at it peak, invoke your presence, invoke the central "I" in you that is absolutely devoted and committed to working and let it do its job. Let it take the pain and transform it, shape it, change it and raise it above its confines.
Beware! The pain won't go away.
But your habits might.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Tip of the Iceberg

We’ll never know what we don’t know until we know it.
Sometimes we think we know something, but as it turns out what we think does not match up with objective reality.
At times we can only understand something partially because we lack a corresponding experience. For example we may be familiar with certain terms, may even be able to use those terms in a sentence or in a seemingly coherent string of sentences, but we may not really comprehend that which the terms are meant to describe.
This can be related best to the behavior and mentation of a four-year-old. A child at this age will tell you something like, “Charles took my toy and I was oppressed at him.”
The child is using a real term in an almost appropriate context without completely comprehending what she is saying.
Adults do this too. The trouble with adults is that it’s harder for us to make subtle yet crucial adjustments to our mode of operation.
It’s hard for us to learn because an adjustment would mean that there was something we didn’t know before. And we hate to admit that we didn’t, and still don’t know something.
We like to think that we know everything, it makes us feel big, safe, and adult.
Assuming that we know prevents us from having the opportunity to discover the unknown.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Being for the Being

There can be no hidden agenda in making Being to Being contact.
There should be no objective, “We will establish contact and then…” Only the contact matters.
Taking the time, making the effort to bring your interactions with others to this level is worthwhile, even if the connection is only momentary and with a person with whom you may never chance to meet again.
This effort is made for the benefit of all Beings everywhere.
It is for the Being, not for the personalities involved.
There should be no moralistic spin.
Making the effort to make Being to Being contact with others does not make you a good person.
If anything, it makes you a weird, disconcerting person.
This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re real intent is to serve the Being.
We don’t make this effort to interest another person in our Way.
We do it because it is our Way.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tantric Movie Watching

Rent a movie, or even buy a ticket to see a motion picture. Pick something that you would like to watch.
If you usually have popcorn, soda, and/ or candy go ahead this time.
Set it up to be your usual movie watching experience.
If you usually play video games before entering the auditorium, go for it.
Make the experience authentic.
Once the movie begins, enjoy it. Empathize with the characters, get carried away by the story. Then leave or turn the movie off before seeing the end.
Just let it go.
It is important to be submerged in the story and all of its allure, but equally important to leave without the usual sense of gratification.
Don’t be so obsessed with conclusion.
Be with it, then let it go.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Let Mad Dogs Dream

Before going to bed, drink a tall glass of water. Keep a flash light handy if you don’t have a bedside lamp or if turning on a lamp will disturb a nearby sleeper. Have a pen and notebook or your dream journal if you have one.
If you have had a sufficient amount of water you should wake up in the middle of the night with a great need to urinate. When this happens, write all of the dreams you can remember in the journal before visiting the toilet. Then drink some more water and repeat the whole scenario.
A more abrupt but possibly more effective variation involves an alarm clock. Set the clock to go off after every three hours of sleep. Waking yourself up at these intervals makes it more likely that you will recall your dreams, as you will have completed a whole sleep cycle within that period.
When we wake up during the sleep cycle it can be difficult to remember dreams depending on which brain state we were in when the cycle was interrupted.
Using the alarm clock will give you the optimum opportunity for remembrance. When the alarm awakens you record all that you remember.
Try this experiment for a night. You may wish to continue sleeping with an alarm set to awaken you after 6 or nine or 12 hours of rest.
This will allow you to wake up at the right time to remember your dreams.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Marionettes Gone Wild - A Game For Two

Phase I
You will be the marionette gone wild, your partner is the commander. You will move your body any way that you like. Dance, wiggle, mime, do whatever you wish.
Don’t limit the way you move, or stop yourself from doing something that you feel like doing. In fact if you feel the impulse to make a certain movement coupled by a resistance from within, you should definitely do it.
Move beyond your resistance.
Be aware of your movements without being self-conscious. This means being to totally present in your flesh without making any judgements.
There is no way to be a critic and a performer at the same time. It is your job to commit to your movements 100%.
At his/her whim the commander will tell you to “freeze”.
Wherever you are, hold the position. Do not readjust yourself or change the position in any way until your commander directs you to do so. The commander will then release you by saying: “good, continue”.
From that point you will resume your act.
The commander should time the exercise to last 9 minutes and may freeze the marionette several times. When the experiment is over the commander will say “break” to conclude the exercise.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Buying Awakening

If you seek a transformation, you must make the efforts on your own. No one can give it to you.
There are those- places, things, and people- that may act as Awakeners, but there are no teachers.
An Awakener introduces a state.
You must acquire the ability to maintain this state of your own accord, by your own efforts.
You may work with an Awakener to become initiated into their way.
Everything has its price.
Keep in mind that the value of the currency is equivalent to the value of what is received.
In other words, you get what you pay for, and American dollars aren’t any good in the higher dimensions.
You must acquire the ability to work in such a way as to produce the appropriate “currency” to pay your way through the chambers you will encounter as you “transform”.
You will only be able to ride on some one else’s coattails in exchange for U.S. dollars.
This will get you out of Kansas, but if you want to progress and become a free mover you will have to begin producing your own currency, because an Awakener can only carry you so far.
Then you must either begin to fly on your own or be marooned somewhere just outside the comfort zone.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome To The Jungle

Once upon a time a strange and beautiful creature walked into a jungle. This creature was immortal, but extremely sensitive and delicate. The creature had hardly been in the jungle for three minutes before it was assaulted by a wild animal.
Because the creature was immortal it continued to exist, but it had been wounded. It wasn’t long before it encountered another, and yet another vicious animal and each encounter left a scar.
The creature developed a full body callus, it’s own armor and claws. Soon it forgot it was immortal. Any other animals it encountered could see only another animal, and after determining whether it was predator or prey relative to their own animal nature, they would interact with it accordingly.
One day death was feeling hungry so he entered the jungle to hunt the animals. Every time his arrow met its target the animals’ skin would fall to the damp earth and a strange and beautiful creature would remain where it stood.
Every animal in the jungle had once been immortal, but they had so thoroughly forgotten their original nature that when their animal skins fell off they thought that they had ceased to be.
Death grew accustomed to filling the jungle with these ghosts, they hung around the forest floor as a mist.
After a long day of hunting he met a dog foaming at the mouth. Nonchalantly he took aim and loosed his arrow. When its dog coat fell to the ground, the immortal creature sprang up and away with great purpose, unlike others of its ilk. Death ran after it filled with curiosity.
“Hey!” he called after it, “How come you aren’t stupefied like the rest?”
The creature shrugged and told death:
“I guess I’m crazy. I have always thought that I was an alien disguised as a dog. I fed the dog to stay alive, but I ate alien food too. Now that the dog is gone, what’s to stop me?”

Monday, February 12, 2007


Set a timer for seven minutes. During this time use the following words to create a poem;
Pattern, transformation, resistant,
Snake, spider, seagull
Clear, crimson, green
Use every word, but take no longer than the seven minutes.
When this phase is complete you will set the timer again and write a whole new poem using those same words.
Once again take no longer than seven minutes and be sure to use each word. When you have completed the second poem repeat the entire process a third time to create one more.
These “poems” need not adhere to any particular format, but try to make each one notably different. \Finally you will number each line of the poems 1-6. If a poem has more than six lines you will repeat the 1-6 numbering sequence after the first six lines.
For each poem you will roll a six-sided die and identify the line whose number corresponds to the number you rolled. If you have more than six lines and the number you roll corresponds to more than one line, you will do a second roll. For example if you have two lines numbered 4, you will assign the numbers 1-3 to one line and numbers 4-6 to the other and roll again.
In this way you will randomly select a single line from each of the three poems to create a final poem. Display the final poem on the front of your refrigerator.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

More, more, more

Sometimes it is necessary to go beyond what you can do in order for your most essential self to kick in. We may be tired, we may be ill and completely void of inspiration or the understanding to wish to go on, but because we go on anyway the boundaries of the mechanical mortal creation have been broken. Now the primordial self will ooze past those boundaries, through the creation that had to break a little to set it free. We work with our essential nature when we have gone beyond what the mechanical mortal creation can do. Through the doing of something we can push past our ordinary mortal limitations and give the primordial self a workout. The surprise is that if you keep on going this shift will occur and you will have the energy to do more. If you stop when the mechanical creation feels overloaded, it will not have the chance to pass the load over to the primordial self.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Way leads to way

We will encounter obstacles.
The key is to interact with those obstacles in the style, or way, we are working with. If we fall out of the way when there is a problem, the problem has overcome us.
There is no benefit in feeling awakened while things are calm and peaceful, then jumping back to the mechanical circuit when the going gets tuff.
When you hit what seems to be an insurmountable impasse begin to make your way through with one small awakened step, even if it isn’t clear what the step after that will be.
One awakened step will create the next, and the next.
No one said it would be smooth sailing.
Moving through the world on auto pilot is easier.
Remaining alert and taking each opportunity as it comes requires far more energy and effort.
Stepping off the way into the compulsory forest of mortal decay to avoid an obstacle only means that you lose the way.
Be uncompromising. Maintain the way.
This alone is of value.
Calm, concentrated, awakened movements will out match adversity.
If you panic you are lost.
Only way leads to way.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Do not avoid simplicity.
Consider your essential nature, you stripped of body, thoughts, and feelings. What are we before and after and under our complex mechanical mortal construct?
A pure presence, a voyaging eye, an essential being.
A complex mechanical mortal construct develops to filter light. It is a thicker coating, a mechanism for protecting the pure presence from discomfort.
After a while, because we are initiated into a society that only recognizes the agenda of complex mechanical mortal creations, our creations become more sophisticated, more complex while our primordial presence is neglected.
We develop one and not the other.
But the mechanical mortal creation begins and ends, and what we are left with in between will be a faint flicker if we have neglected to develop it fully. For those who wish to restore life to the primordial presence, the mechanical mortal creation’s lifetime serves as a period of preparation, of work.
As the saying goes: use it or loose it.
The only way to develop it is to move it, or rather, give it something to move: a weight to lift.
Specifically, its significant other, the mechanical mortal creation.
When the activities of the mechanical mortal creation are being driven by the primordial presence this is called an awakened state. That is to say, the mechanical mortal creation is refraining from being over protective, it is opening up to allow the primordial presence to make a move, and for this to happen a real choice has been made.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lesser Advice

To remain awake in the sleeping world is a challenge.
You will not be able to do it all of the time, there are few adepts who can do it even most of the time.
A good rule to follow: While striving to remain awakened, be gentle with yourself and all others. Do not fall for the trap of believing that you are so much greater than all of those drowsy uninterested in ‘THE GREAT” anything peers of yours.
If your attention is energizing a “better than” attitude, it is counter productive.
Being awakened is not in and of itself a “good” or “holy” achievement. Rather it is a useful state if your goal is to take on some lesser, but noble work.
Being awake means that you are aware of yourself as a mechanical mortal creation and because you are aware of this, your biological nature, and your other, lesser, more essential nature, you will be able to consciously move your mechanical mortal creation.
You will be able to work with it.
If you are consciously manipulating your own mechanical mortal creation you will be able establish connections between your own essential nature and that of others, even if they are not aware of it.
Keep in mind, that to be awakened is to be stripped naked and set on fire from the inside out. It is an opening, a controlled deconstruction. It involves both a strong will and an open heart.
This is why a “better than” mentality indicates a sleeping state rather than an awakened state. Our mechanical mortal creations engage in “better than”, whereas our essential nature, being simpler and therefore lesser is not capable of such a distinction.
“Better than” mentality is a reflex of the mechanical mortal creation to prevent an opened, awakened state, because it perceives this state as painful. Therefor our strongest recommendation is that you be kind to yourself and others and stop minding the pain.