Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Experiment: Observing the Machine

Pay attention to your physical mannerisms for 3 days.
Notice the way that you carry your body, any special gestures you use when speaking, your facial expressions, etc. For example you might realize that you have a habit of pushing your hair behind your ear when you are feeling anxious, or that you raise your eyebrows when you are feeling skeptical. You will find that you do these things automatically, without thinking about it.
They are habits so ingrained in your machine that you may never have noticed them before.
Make a list of your habits as you become aware of them.
To help you to observe yourself, imagine that someone is making a movie about your life. Imagine that your favorite actor or actress will play your part and that you’re compiling a list of the mannerisms most characteristic of you. It may be hard to pin point anything at first. Look into every thing that you physically do and pay attention to the little flourishes.
How do you drink a glass of water? Do your cheeks puff out while you are drinking? Do you slurp? Do you chug it all down?
When you are reading a book to yourself do your lips move? Do you twirl your hair or bite your lip? Do you wiggle your feet? What do you do?
Take any activity as an opportunity for observation. Enjoy it, and don’t be judgmental. If you realize that you pick your nose while you read your email, be honest and write it down. Avoid being critical of yourself and don’t try to change anything.
Just notice the embellishments that make your machine unique and list them.
You may also make drawings when words don't fully describe the particular habit. It is of utmost important that these notes be very clear to you, even if the would be completely incomprehensible to anyone else. Make sure that each habit is described as fully and as carefully as possible.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Simple Instructions

Simple instructions for developing your very own Being:

Water it daily with attention and apply heat via the machine.

(Please note that heat disturbs the machine, it experiences discomfort and pain as it warms up. Nonetheless, to function as a proper incubator for the Being, it must heat up and it will have to learn to tolerate or even like the accompanying sensations. It is the price it must pay for becoming an instrument for the force of creation rather than enthropy, or in other words, for converting low frequency vibrations into higher frequency vibrations .)

Experiment : The Posture for holding the Eternal

You will need a quiet place, a chair, and a timer to conduct this experiment. Before beginning, set the timer for twelve minutes. Sit in a straight backed chair with your feet placed firmly upon the ground. Your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle.
Place the palms of your hands on top of your knees and keep your knees together so that the thumbnails of your two hands are pressed together. Keep your back and neck straight and your eyes open gazing downward at a space on the ground approximately three feet out from the tips of your toes. Keep your eyes in a soft focus. Once in position, do not move until the timer sounds. (No scratching, looking away, wiggling, nose wrinkling, etc.)
During this time place your attention on your body. Hold your entire body with your attention by "feeling" the space an inch above the skin all around you. If you get wrapped up in thoughts bring your attention back to the posture and the space around your body.
Repeat the experiment daily for one week.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Being in the Machine

For our initial purposes, we can define the human animal as a machine that can function from birth to death, and enjoy a healthy expanse of time between those two points, without an objective operator.
During this time the majority of Human Machines do no more than convert higher vibrational energies into lower vibrational energies. The energy of the sun is absorbed and transformed by plants which are then ingested and transformed by animals which are further ingested by human animals and transformed mainly into shit (which will be ingested and transformed by creatures that will never be featured favorably in a Disney Musical), although some of the energy consumed will be used by the machine to maintain its functioning until it can make it to the next meal or to an exciting opportunity to reproduce itself.
Those things which arise from the three ruling centers of the human machine: its physicality, its emotions, and its intellectual ruminations, are of such a low vibrational quality that they will not survive the point of death.
To make sure that what is said here is not misconstrued as having something to do with morality,(which, by the way, is a construct of the machine's intellectual center, formed during the early years of the machine's development as the result of social and cultural conditioning, and which, therefore, has no objective relevance.) it must be explained that "low" as used here, is not synonymous with "bad". It is not being suggested that they will not survive because they are "bad" or inherently "evil", but rather that they will not survive because they are composed of lower frequencies (slower).
They are the result of a progression that losses energy (and slows it down) at every step, without ever regaining more than it has lost. And so, the human machine is an apparatus which under normal and natural circumstances transforms what is full of energy ( and with that word energy, throw in the words movement and life) into that which is without it. The human machine is one element within a disassembly line.
Consider that there is a primordial substance, which is eternally present in every moment, in every manifestation, vibrating at all levels. It is present, but inactive. It is even present within the Human Machine, a dormant kernel, as passive as you are when watching the horrors and delights of your own dreams in deep sleep. This passive primordial substance is what we refer to as the Being.
It is pure presence, and we will sometimes refer to it as such. The dark side of the moon of creation, its silvery network runs through all of existence, silent, unmoving, a highway waiting to be etched into everything that is, isn’t, will, or was.
It is either the silent prisoner of the Human Machine or an indifferent passenger, depending on your point of view.
Activated, it becomes the possibility for an experience outside of the disassembly line. It is possible for the small fragment of this substance which is submerged in the human machine to be developed. Like the ovum waiting in the uterus for fertilization, the Being lodged within the machine awaits insemination.
The Being is activated by attention. Under its tantalizing influence, the Being blossoms. When the machine is stripped away, it is a pure presence that remains, the Being. If, in that moment of revealing we call death, it is still a seed, then it has missed it’s opportunity to germinate and grow in the rich fecundity of the Human Biological Machine.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Experiment: Sexual Cycle

Obtain a pill box with a compartment for every day of the week. You will also need a bag of sunflower seeds and a package of raisins. You may decorate the pill box with paint, glue, sequins or anything else that will give it purposeful significance.
For the next week you will keep track of every time you become sexually aroused by placing a sunflower seed in the compartment which corresponds with the present day of the week. If you experience arousal three times on Monday, there should be three seeds in the compartment reserved for Monday. Every time you achieve orgasm you will place a raisin in the appropriate compartment. If you were aroused three times on Monday, and had an orgasm after becoming aroused each time, you will have three seeds and three raisins in the compartment designated for Monday.
If you were aroused in the morning but got up and dressed for the day without having an orgasm, then at lunch caught site of a lingerie billboard that excited you but returned to work without having had an orgasm and finally came home and saw something on TV that got you all heated up once more and you masturbated or engaged in sexual congress with another resulting in an orgasm, then you will have three sunflower seeds and one raisin in the compartment for that day.
Be honest and accurate. At the end of the week examine the contents of each compartment and compare the ratio of seeds to shriveled fruits for each day.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008


True communication is very rare. It seldom occurs during casual transmissions of linguistic data between humans. This is due to the law of associations.
A single word bears different meanings for individuals from varying cultural, economic, geographic, and social backgrounds. There are many words that we use in our daily vocabularies without having any real understanding of what it is that the word actually signifies. They’ve lost meaning due to their careless use and the fact that they are handed down generation to generation as loquacious filler. The handers down, having no experiential understanding of a word, pass the pronunciation on and so the word lives on, but the thing which it once referred to is lost in abstraction.
This is true of words like "Love" and "Soul". You will hear these words often used by individuals who have no experience whatsoever of either love or soul. (In fact, you yourself are probably such a person.)

When I say love, you, no doubt, have certain ideas about the meaning of that word. You might be shocked to know that my understanding of the same word is drastically different from yours, and that your neighbor has an even different idea of what love means than either of us.

Because of this, three people can engage in a verbal exchange and the conversation will be an entirely different one for each of the three persons participating.

So the first step in being able to do anything of significance with anybody is to establish a means by which you can truly communicate. To do this you will need to share experiences and correlate them with a mutual terminology.
Here are some terms I would like to begin to define-


It is necessary to not only explain their meaning, but to also demonstrate it experientially. For that I will have to suggest experiments.

At present I will begin with defining Machine.
I will from time to time refer to THE MACHINE or THE HUMAN BIOLOGICAL MACHINE or THE MECHANICAL CREATION or THE MORTAL CREATION. All of these terms refer to the same thing. For now, we will go with Machine as short for The Human Biological Machine. This term refers not only to the human body, but to the thoughts and emotions of the human as well.

It is a hard notion to swallow, but your thoughts and feelings are as mechanical as your body. These three cannot be separated, they are co-conspirators.

It can be easy to understand the physical body as a mechanical marvel, it’s mechanicality is more readily observable. It needs to consume, expel some of what it consumes, and rest at regular intervals. It will also seek to reproduce itself. These are the things that it is bound to do to maintain its functioning, and it can perform these functions automatically without the exertion of any special will. It is wired to do so. The thoughts and emotions function in very similar fashion, but at a more subtle level. That makes them harder to observe closely and objectively.

The thoughts and emotions and the physical body work together to maintains an existence. They will fight like hell against anything that seems to threaten that existence. They will also struggle against each other seeking dominance over the triumvirate. Each of the three functions through a simple set of habits formed more or less haphazardly with the objective of continuing to exist.

It is a sophisticated animal, but an animal nonetheless, objectively no more or less valuable than any of the other species populating the planet earth.

It is the Human Biological Machine.

For one week carry a small notepad with you at all times. Throughout the day, record your emotional state. Keep track of the hour of day, the mood or feelings experienced, and a note about the events or circumstance leading up to the mood. Try keeping an hourly record, but note shifts as they occur. In this way, if nothing in particular happens you will still remember that at 1pm you were in your cubicle feeling bored, but that at 1:19 you got a call from a friend and became excited and jolly.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008


"You know," she said, "I just can’t get used to the idea of loving everything. Sacheverell says I’ve got to be nice to my little people and stop sticking hatpins in them and things, but it’s hard."
-The Green Millennium, Fritz Leiber

Within a dream everything that is encountered is a manifestation of the dreamer. Every situation, every encounter between characters is an encounter between the dreamer and the dreamer. The only thing that the dreamer is experiencing, is itself.
The old witch who cuts you up and eats you in soup is you.
The young lover that holds your hand and stares longingly into your eyes, also you.
When you enter a malicious dark room where objects move of their own accord that is you as well.
When you lay your head down to rest each night you go on to dream dreams within a dream. Those dreams may in turn be dreaming further dreams themselves.

What, in a dream, can really happen?

There is a line of dream creatures that hold to the principle that the only "real" thing to be done is to establish a connection with the other dreamers.
To do this, everything encountered is treated as the embodiment of that being.
To do this, a dream creature must awaken within a dream.
Within this model, everything that is encountered is an expression of self. Everyone becomes a mirror. What you experience outwardly correlates directly to something that is happening within your psyche.
To modify the outward experience one would need to manipulate something internally. Then through this application of tender attention to every detail of the dream, something strange might happen.
A motion might be produced that would be the equivalent of the shore rolling out to the sea in a great wave.
That is to say, that there can be produced, strange vibrations initiated by a sideways movement that defies the logic and order of the dream.
The reverberations would extend in every direction, immeasurably. These efforts create strange growths of a benign nature on the shells of tortoises.
Picture it as a 3D bubble emerging from a 2D experience. Or, if you have the organs of perception and imagination and comprehension to do so, picture it as a 4D bubble emerging from a 3D experience.

For the next week, during all moments of experience, assume that you are dreaming. Every time that you remember that you are dreaming, look at your hand.
Before going to bed, set the intention that you will remember that you are dreaming during the course of that dream within a dream. When you remember that you are dreaming, look at your own hand.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Crack the World's Shell

"If that was real," Mary Lou said firmly. "everything else in my life has been a hallucination."
Simon grinned. "Now," he said calmly, "you’re getting the point."
-The Illuminatus Trilogy, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

Before we can learn anything about the true self and objective reality, we must unlearn everything that has become automatic to the human automaton mentally, emotionally, and physically.
What the common human ordinarily considers self, if they consider self at all, is in reality a body of unconscious habits. We are constantly being run by a predetermined set of unconscious thought cycles, emotional cycles, and bodily cycles. We tend to be completely unaware of these cycles and will even insist that we do have what is called self control. But you certainly cannot control an animal which you are unaware of and blind to.
Being able to hold your urine until you can make it to the toilet and keeping your uncomfortable and unseemly clothes and shoes on, even on a hot day in the presence of a beckoning body of water, does not qualify as self control. As a matter of fact, you have been conditioned to hold your urine and keep your clothes on, and can’t really take credit for those behaviors.
If you were in fact "in control" you could choose to urinate in your pants during a social gathering and not apologize or explain that you are conducting an experiment exploring the limits of your conditioning as a human primate.
The words self control and free will are tossed around in this culture like mardis gras beads. They are worthless because they refer to something other than real self control and free will. You cannot posses certain qualities merely by proclaiming that you do.

It is not enough to say that god gave you free will.
If you don’t exercise it, you don’t have it.

The creator gave you ears as well but that doesn’t automatically mean that you can wiggle them, that takes practice. The problem with attempting to control the self is that you have to have some knowledge of it.
When your Aunt tells you that the cake was delicious and you answer, "I did it myself." ,what do you mean? What baked the cake?
That which baked the cake has little idea what it is. That which baked the cake is, objectively speaking, no more glorious than a wind up toy or a nano pet. It does have a potentially objective use, but to use it you will have to master it, and to master it you will have to face it and break it.

The phase following this violent act of "cracking the worlds shell" is a phase for introducing new possibilities. But before the new horizon can be visible, the old constructs will need to be demolished.
For the next week keep a small notebook handy. From time to time notice yourself as if you were watching a character in a movie. Take note of small gestures, postures, and nuances of speech that define your character. Take these notes as if you were going to give them to an actor that is going to play your part.

Don't try to find the significance of the gestures. Don't try to change them or make them better. Don't try to figure out why they are are there or where they came from.

Simply write them down or draw them when you need to. Write very detailed instructions for each little gesture. Go over them many times, until you feel you have described them completely.

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