Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Experiment: Rewrite

Write this sentence:

"Oftentimes have I heard you speak
of one who commits a wrong
as though he were not one of you,
but a stranger unto you
and an intruder upon your world."

Now write it a second time, backwards.
When you have done this write the sentence a third time.
This time use a minimum of 4 words from the original sentence
to create a new sentence.
Ideally it will convey an entirely different message.

Email this new sentence to:

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Foundation of Words

The world is built on a foundation of words, a history written by the ruling class.
Who rules the world?
There are two heirs, two who should govern side by side. But the half that writes history is ever eager to cast itself as the one and only and steal the kingdom.

Who, or what is this Pippin?

Pippin, the Carolingian mayor of the palace who conspires and sends Childeric III, last of a line of kings descended from Jesus of Nazareth and King David, Cain, and perhaps even Lucifer, to waste behind the cloister walls.
Historically, the age before this insurgency is a "Dark Age". Dark because there is little written about the Merovingians, descendants of Arcadians, worshippers of Arduina, Frankish Kings throughout the fifth and seventh centuries.
Mystic Kings but not rulers…edited out, painted in ghoulish hues by those with a monopoly on the written word: the Catholic church and the mayor of the palace.
This story, like older stories, is told by the treacherous.
Is it possible that everything you have been taught is designed to keep you subservient?
That the very medium through which you communicate, language, is by nature distorted in favor of the shepherds that covet your fleece?
Who holds the monopoly on words now?
Who is it that rules the world?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sea Bath

For this experiment you will need to submerge yourself in salty water. One excellent possibility is that you may be able to find a sensory depravation chamber, or a Samadhi float tank somewhere in your area. Try to find one if you can. Otherwise use warm water in the bathtub with some sea salt.
Set aside one hour and prepare the bath. Turn off the lights and soak in this briny elixir of life. Become more relaxed than usually possible.
Allow yourself to return to a state of being long forgotten. Release your tensions, feel your humanity slip away, and be something pure:
a consciousness awakened within an ever changing form.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sea Born

What does it me to be born of the sea?
What comes slithering from the briny depths of creation?
We are formed in the womb before our birth into this world. During much of that time we are more fish and reptile than mammal, tracing individually the course of the evolution of our species. In nine months we traverse the myriad of twists and turns necessary to a recipe haphazardly developed over the slow course of billions of years.
Much longer if you consider what must have seasoned the primordial soup that came to a boil on this young planet. Life lying dormant in star dust, meets moisture, and heat; the recipe for disaster.
But how many times did Life change shape before masquerading as some seemingly inactive mineral or spore hurtling through space? Where did it see its first arising?
Is there a beginning to time?
If we inch backward through the chain do we encounter the end of existence (otherwise known as the beginning)? The precipice beyond which there be monsters and a deeper darker sea?
To be of the sea born is to never leave the sea. It is to always be one part monster from the greatest deep, and one part mammalian biped.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Experiment: Fisher King

Create a an altar with photographs of yourself progressing from infancy to adulthood. At the center of the altar use a photograph of your father and create some semblance of a throne for this picture to rest on.
Light candles and incense. Put a great deal of attention into the set up, be as creative and artistic as possible. Do not think of it in terms of creating a traditional altar, think of it in terms of creating a set for a play or puppet show.
Create a crown. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish but it should fit upon your head. Place this and a robe on the altar before your fathers throne.
The robe can be a ritualistic garment, a simple terrycloth bathrobe, or a sheet that can be draped around your body.
When everything is prepared and the scene is set, bow to the four directions and cross your heart.
Approach the altar and say:

" I have come to bear the burden."

Remove your father;s photograph from the throne and replace it with one of your own. Put on the robe and place the crown upon your head. Extend your arms to both sides palms facing upward. Then bring them together over your heart in a prayer position, palms together, fingers pointing upwards.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


What is it to be the Antichrist?
The word Christ arises from the Greek word Χριστός (Christós) which means "The Anointed One".
Within the Hebrew tradition of ancient Isreal someone who rose to the status of high priest would be anointed with oils to be consecrated for the role. The practice was the same for those who rose to be King as well as for Prophets.
The word antichrist is composed of the Greek words αντί + χριστος (antí + khristos) It is frequently translated to mean one who is opposite to the anointed one.
However, the Greek anti can mean "as" and so antichrist can also be translated as "in place of Christ" and refer to one who is striving to be in the place of Christ.
What a conundrum.
How can one become anointed without first seeking to be anointed?
In lines of Kings and Priest there will always be an heir or disciple groomed to fill the position of their elder.
In the progression from neophyte to adept, the Christ will always have once been the Antichrist - the one that comes to replace the Christ.

And so, in the battle between the old Anointed One and the one who comes to replace him, which side would you take?

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