Friday, August 24, 2007

Foundation of Words

The world is built on a foundation of words, a history written by the ruling class.
Who rules the world?
There are two heirs, two who should govern side by side. But the half that writes history is ever eager to cast itself as the one and only and steal the kingdom.

Who, or what is this Pippin?

Pippin, the Carolingian mayor of the palace who conspires and sends Childeric III, last of a line of kings descended from Jesus of Nazareth and King David, Cain, and perhaps even Lucifer, to waste behind the cloister walls.
Historically, the age before this insurgency is a "Dark Age". Dark because there is little written about the Merovingians, descendants of Arcadians, worshippers of Arduina, Frankish Kings throughout the fifth and seventh centuries.
Mystic Kings but not rulers…edited out, painted in ghoulish hues by those with a monopoly on the written word: the Catholic church and the mayor of the palace.
This story, like older stories, is told by the treacherous.
Is it possible that everything you have been taught is designed to keep you subservient?
That the very medium through which you communicate, language, is by nature distorted in favor of the shepherds that covet your fleece?
Who holds the monopoly on words now?
Who is it that rules the world?

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