Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sea Born

What does it me to be born of the sea?
What comes slithering from the briny depths of creation?
We are formed in the womb before our birth into this world. During much of that time we are more fish and reptile than mammal, tracing individually the course of the evolution of our species. In nine months we traverse the myriad of twists and turns necessary to a recipe haphazardly developed over the slow course of billions of years.
Much longer if you consider what must have seasoned the primordial soup that came to a boil on this young planet. Life lying dormant in star dust, meets moisture, and heat; the recipe for disaster.
But how many times did Life change shape before masquerading as some seemingly inactive mineral or spore hurtling through space? Where did it see its first arising?
Is there a beginning to time?
If we inch backward through the chain do we encounter the end of existence (otherwise known as the beginning)? The precipice beyond which there be monsters and a deeper darker sea?
To be of the sea born is to never leave the sea. It is to always be one part monster from the greatest deep, and one part mammalian biped.

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