Friday, June 29, 2007

Things to do in Denver when you're Awake

What do you do with the waking state?
Get down in the details. It is difficult to perform very ordinary tasks in the waking state.
We are not accustomed to doing anything in this state. Our daily activities are usually managed by the personality, the mechanical creation which is so good at performing these tasks you can sleep right through them. This bio machine called human being is so efficient it can manage an entire lifetime for you while you sleep.
When you have made the effort and do wake up, you will find it difficult to remain in said state while performing activities that are usually done asleep. There are millions of things that you can do while functioning automatically as a sleeping machine. It has become habitual. Because it is habitual you will find that even when you approach an activity from the waking state you may find yourself baited back into sleep as you engage in it because you are used to performing that activity mechanically. The habit of doing that thing automatically is stronger.
The way to get over it is to develop a new habit of performing that activity in the awakened state. To form a new habit you will have to make the effort again and again until it gains "momentum"... more "momentum" than the old sleeping habit. In the waking state you may create ever more activities/spaces in which you can be awakened.

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