Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Music Box

In the beginning there was a music box.
The Being could not know from whence it came, or what purpose it might serve without examining it more closely. A detailed inspection revealed that it was a perfect box with tiny spinning dancers and an enchanting melody. Experimentally the Being discovered that it could be manipulated and without knowing what to expect, set its gears a-turning. Once it had been set into motion, its gears could spin for only a finite period. The initiating Being and responsive little box moved into a new existence together... in that moment they created time and mortality together.
The Being was in great danger then. As it observed the box it grew more and more identified with the dancers, became so engrossed in their motion that it believed it was the box. The box of course encouraged such attention. Captivating attention was an inherent characteristic of its design, but it did its job too well. Soon the Being forgot its own nature. The entirety of its attention was wrapped in the box, immersed in pleasant dreams and imaginings, fully engaged in pouring itself into this fascinating other.
The tragedy here lies in this alone- in this state so absorbed and forgetful of itself, the Being would no doubt cease to exist when the gears stopped churning. It would be trapped, encased in a tiny motionless universe within a frozen dancer, dreaming of dancing and some existence half remembered.

Such a woeful tale indeed, for without the Being as itself, the music box too would only collect dust. If only the Being would have adored the music box while retaining some piece of sovereignty. Only then, awake and un-abstracted, it could have passed through the tunnel of experience that is a music box, and explored further possibilities.

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