Friday, May 04, 2007

You Only Live Twice

What are you doing with that human machine of yours?
Consuming , crapping, and copulating your way steadily towards death? No matter what, I guarantee you are at least consuming and crapping, and one of these earth days you most definitely will expire, like a fly on a windowsill, and at that moment you may crap once more and then begin to rot.
As of 05/04/07 at 05:45 GMT an estimated 6,592,868,654 human machines will be joining you in the three Cs, (that’s consuming , crapping, and copulating, of course!). I mention this only to point out that there is nothing particularly remarkable about maintaining your biological existence here. Plenty of us are managing to do just that, quite by accident.
Whether you live "well" in a comfortable domicile smothered in crap to amuse and distract you and surrounded by friends and loved ones who’ll keep you in line so that you can sleep in a cozy bed, have a latte in the morning and toddle off to work, or among the half of the 6,592,868,654 who live on less than the equivalent of two American dollars a day, if you are reading this it means that you and your ancestors have managed to pull off the three Cs.
So what?
What else could you do with that human machine of yours before you kick the bucket and can’t even crap anymore?
It - your human machine - can manage very well without anything resembling self awareness. But what if you woke up and realized you were riding in this amazing digestive apparatus called human that had thus far been maintaining its existence with the auto pilot feature?
What could you do then?
Whatever you might imagine could be done, well, you had better try doing that before time is up. After all, you only live twice…
One life for your machine… and one for your Self.

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