Saturday, April 21, 2007


This just in:
There is still nothing new under the sun.
Even we ourselves are a composite, both psychologically and physically, of things that came before us. Deconstruction involves using what is already in existence creatively, unnaturally, and consciously.
Yes, I said unnaturally.
Naturally things fall, down
Sending something back up the ladder would be a supernatural act.
WE could call it invocation or active worship, or hard motherfucking Work.
Deconstructionists sift through this wasteland, this garbage heap, this hell dimension and rearrange the elements that are present here to build a line of communication that courses in an unconventional direction, Up.
We use everything. We start from the bottom, from the most ordinary and accessible bits of rubbish, and instead of allowing them to rest and peacefully decompose, we bend them to a devious purpose. We reanimate death. Like the good Dr. Frankenstein we use electricity to raise the dead.
Raise it. Praise the Lord. Offer it Up.
Yes, yes, we use the most accessible materials, starting with our own human biological machine, this composite sketch of Chaos the Creator.
The ultimate in body modification is not detectable by the human eye.

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