Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Experiment: Beautiful Debris

Clean your workspace.
As you do this, set aside any objects that could be trash, or definitely are destined for the garbage or recycling bin. Also set aside those objects that you have been saving, with and without rhyme or reason: those summer movie tickets, the zipper from your broken jacket, a stick, a flier to an event long expired. When the space is tidy you should hopefully have a box or bag full of odds and ends.
If not then I commend you on your general neatness and lack of clutter, but you need a box of riff raff and refuse. Scour your space until you have a fine assortment.
Now it’s time to break out the glue gun, floral wire, string, tape, and wire hangers, whatever you have.
Use what is in your box of riff raff and make something: a mobile, a collage, a sculpture, or, better yet, an indefinable object.
Apply you attention to the creation of something out of these useless bits of debris.
Do it as if you are an artist.
Do it as if you are working with the finest, most desirable materials obtainable.
Do it as if this riff raff is inherently beautiful and you are just enjoying arranging and manipulating it.
Make it irrelevant, lean to the abstract.
Make it an art piece from another dimension.

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