Thursday, March 29, 2007

Down In The Box

It’s not just where you go… it’s who you know.
Progress. I am really going somewhere.
Where are you going?
You are like a TV set. You don’t actually go anywhere.
Instead you pick up signals.

What channel am I on? Can I change channels?
Click. Click. Click. Click.

Where are you going?
You are watching yourself on TV. You notice that the TV is not plugged in.
Suddenly your television persona breaks character and looks directly at you.

That’s it! Establish a link. That is progress in a vacuum. Work for that.
Do I want out of this TV set? Or do I want in?
Or do I want what is outside to touch what is inside? Yes complete the circuit.
That is movement.

I want what is inside to touch what is outside.
I want what is outside to get down inside without becoming part of the regularly scheduled programming.
Be in the TV, but not of the TV.
O ye Gods, this is an interactive theater piece.
Audience participation is encouraged.
Without your help it is no longer theater… it is life in a box.


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