Monday, March 19, 2007

Take a little music wherever you go and nothing can ever go wrong.

Feeling over identified? Unsure of how or when it started?

A good technique has been presented by one of the greatest magicians of all time, Miss Betty Boop. To see her demonstrate, find her in the cartoon: Old man of the mountain.
In this demonstration we find Betty faced with a very large, overbearing, and old problem: the old man of the mountain. If we see the old man as our own personality we can follow in Betty’s footsteps to out do him.

The old man keeps making his demands:

"You’ve got to hi di hi, you’ve got to ho de ho to get along with me."

Betty keeps dancing just out of his reach.

Please note that she doesn’t oppose him head on, she sings and dances and very cutely insist she’s gonna do him wrong.
In other words, side step whatever your personality throws at you, don’t try to stop it, work around it.
Like dancing it’ll take some practice to get the steps right.
If you land on your ass you’ll just have to brush yourself off and try again, which is hard.
To do it you’ve gotta have pep.

(Betty and her Pal Pudgy can demonstrate pep, look for their instructional cartoon.)


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