Friday, March 09, 2007

Lucid Mercenary

The pull of the monster dream side is equivocal to the perfectionist tug of the natural life "do right" side.
Is there a third party that can walk between these warring nations?
That is the only hope.
If the monsters and the saints are the only active forces, they are ultimately one rocking motion, one perpetual motion machine.
They are an inner wheel of time, lulling that inner universe into a steady "to and fro" forever oscillation of sleep.
Where is the lucid mercenary?
The warrior who hails from neither camp, who does his own bidding?
He must be carefully nursed into being, this walker between worlds, fed on stillness.
He sprouts in the center of the battlefield, an alien voyager presently marooned in a violent universe.
If he can survive in the harsh environment he will be the redeemer.
As he feeds on the stillness he will grow and eventually develop a strange gravity of his own, throwing off the equilibrium of the surrounding universe; disrupting the lulling grind of the wheel of time.
Invest in the alien voyager, the future is in space travel rather than wheel running.
The next question?
How do you go about making that investment?
There are practical techniques utilized by other universes that have undergone or are presently experiencing just such a transformation.
There is an "intergalactic" culture afoot, making practical teachings available for universes in transition.


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