Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Self-knowledge and self-development

It is not enough to "know thy self".
That is only the beginning.
Once you are acquainted with the equipment you must then ask :
"What the hell can I do with it?"
Then having asked that question and settled on some idea of what to do with yourself, you must develop the ability to do that.
What is this?
What can I do with it?
Now I will experiment with doing something.
Let us be clear that we are not proposing a method for self improvement.
If the question of importance is:
"What can I do with this human machinery?"
and the answer is creative, it is unlikely that one of a particular unpopular culture will settle with: "I can make it better at consuming and procreating prior to an inevitable death.", as the final answer.
Those of a particular unpopular culture will be driven to do something otherwise.
Asking great questions and coming to great conclusions without putting them to the test is a pass time for a weak intellectual breed grown in the popular culture.
If you are of this breed, you will no doubt have some arguments about how full of crap we are.
If you are of the other culture you will find it difficult to go on living without trying to do something with your self.
If you are trying to do something with your self, you may want some practical assistance.
Look for someone else who is making the effort to use the equipment, someone who is doing something. Beware of the regurgitators of undigested teachings and their very loose jaws.


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