Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Starve the Cannibal

Organic life is a long drawn out process of decay.
What can use decay?
One might think of the Gods as eaters of the dead. Cosmic and subtle mushrooms, they grow out of death, out of waste.
Organic life feeds immortal life.
An up beat and a down beat, an in breath and an out.
Objective life results from the marriage of these two.
Without mortality to eat through, no Gods, without the Gods the cycle ends, an exhale without an inhalation.
The result: stagnation.
Organic life that rejects the immortal is the equivalent of the Great Goddess aborting the new God growing in the womb, a universe gone cannibal.
Cooperation facilitates life.
Trust, the sacrifice of self, serves a mutual and conscious act of creation.
An awakened cosmology is composed entirely of willing servants whereas an endarkened cosmology is built of warring masters.
The universe is composed without as it is within.
Therefore you must choose to either become vulnerable or tyrannical, naked or dead, and your decision rules the fate of worlds within worlds.


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