Thursday, February 22, 2007

Being for the Being

There can be no hidden agenda in making Being to Being contact.
There should be no objective, “We will establish contact and then…” Only the contact matters.
Taking the time, making the effort to bring your interactions with others to this level is worthwhile, even if the connection is only momentary and with a person with whom you may never chance to meet again.
This effort is made for the benefit of all Beings everywhere.
It is for the Being, not for the personalities involved.
There should be no moralistic spin.
Making the effort to make Being to Being contact with others does not make you a good person.
If anything, it makes you a weird, disconcerting person.
This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re real intent is to serve the Being.
We don’t make this effort to interest another person in our Way.
We do it because it is our Way.


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