Monday, February 12, 2007


Set a timer for seven minutes. During this time use the following words to create a poem;
Pattern, transformation, resistant,
Snake, spider, seagull
Clear, crimson, green
Use every word, but take no longer than the seven minutes.
When this phase is complete you will set the timer again and write a whole new poem using those same words.
Once again take no longer than seven minutes and be sure to use each word. When you have completed the second poem repeat the entire process a third time to create one more.
These “poems” need not adhere to any particular format, but try to make each one notably different. \Finally you will number each line of the poems 1-6. If a poem has more than six lines you will repeat the 1-6 numbering sequence after the first six lines.
For each poem you will roll a six-sided die and identify the line whose number corresponds to the number you rolled. If you have more than six lines and the number you roll corresponds to more than one line, you will do a second roll. For example if you have two lines numbered 4, you will assign the numbers 1-3 to one line and numbers 4-6 to the other and roll again.
In this way you will randomly select a single line from each of the three poems to create a final poem. Display the final poem on the front of your refrigerator.


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