Sunday, February 11, 2007

More, more, more

Sometimes it is necessary to go beyond what you can do in order for your most essential self to kick in. We may be tired, we may be ill and completely void of inspiration or the understanding to wish to go on, but because we go on anyway the boundaries of the mechanical mortal creation have been broken. Now the primordial self will ooze past those boundaries, through the creation that had to break a little to set it free. We work with our essential nature when we have gone beyond what the mechanical mortal creation can do. Through the doing of something we can push past our ordinary mortal limitations and give the primordial self a workout. The surprise is that if you keep on going this shift will occur and you will have the energy to do more. If you stop when the mechanical creation feels overloaded, it will not have the chance to pass the load over to the primordial self.


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