Saturday, February 10, 2007

Way leads to way

We will encounter obstacles.
The key is to interact with those obstacles in the style, or way, we are working with. If we fall out of the way when there is a problem, the problem has overcome us.
There is no benefit in feeling awakened while things are calm and peaceful, then jumping back to the mechanical circuit when the going gets tuff.
When you hit what seems to be an insurmountable impasse begin to make your way through with one small awakened step, even if it isn’t clear what the step after that will be.
One awakened step will create the next, and the next.
No one said it would be smooth sailing.
Moving through the world on auto pilot is easier.
Remaining alert and taking each opportunity as it comes requires far more energy and effort.
Stepping off the way into the compulsory forest of mortal decay to avoid an obstacle only means that you lose the way.
Be uncompromising. Maintain the way.
This alone is of value.
Calm, concentrated, awakened movements will out match adversity.
If you panic you are lost.
Only way leads to way.


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