Sunday, January 28, 2007

There Is No Easy Way Out

There is no easy way out.
We either fulfill our obligations or we do not, and we live with the consequence.
Choosing to be responsible for something delicate and questionable is both noble and foolish. You are kidding yourself if you believe there will be some reward in it for your human nature.
The course runs like this: At first you will not want responsibility for it. After all, it could be dangerous and what’s in it for you?
But then you realize that if you don’t help this vulnerable thing, it may come to harm.
There is no way of knowing whether it will get help from anyone else. You can only be sure it’s being helped if you’re doing the helping.
Your human nature will seek an advantage, a means for capitalizing on the situation. This tendency will ride alongside the urge to be of assistance and will struggle to turn the situation to its advantage.
In the end a choice must be made.
Sacrifice the delicate to improve the human’s situation or sacrifice the human to improve the situation of a delicate, scarcely tangible something.
Whatever road you choose you pay the price.


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