Friday, January 19, 2007

The Result

A true Invocation is an interaction with something "otherwise", something that is not you, and that doesn't really emerge from you.
When planning an invocation, plan the process very clearly but leave space for the result of the invocation to occur, for that which is "otherwise" to manifest in whatever form it will choose.
Don't plan so extensively and carefully, that there is no space for the actual Invocation to happen.
In the same way, all the experiments that we propose should be approached as such. There will be effects, in you and around you.
Don't assume that you know what these effects will be! They may very well surprise you. (If they don't, they're probably not the actual effects.)
If, for example, you do an experiment one morning, and suddenly in the afternoon you feel an impulse to do something that you don't usually do, it is imperative that you follow through.
Once you are serious about exploring the work with your machine, with the forces that move through it and with intelligences outside of it, it is crucial that you act on these new impulses of wakefulness. Don't just sit back and bask in the vague glow of energy.
Act on the tiny suggestions that will pop up from somewhere.
As you do, the bridge between the "otherwise" and "you" will become more and more solid.
Don't start on the road thinking you know what is at the other end.
If you did know, it wouldn't be "otherwise".


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