Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Experiment: Pay Attention

Find yourself three toys. These may be borrowed or purchased from a thrift store.
Sit down with your toys. Arrange them so that there is ample space between each one and they are all within your field of vision.
Take three deep breaths. Make the effort to be wholly present. Place your attention on one of the toys. Look at this toy and pour yourself into it. After a few moments, move your eyes to the second toy, but keep part of your attention on the first toy. Divide your attention between the two toys while looking at only the second toy.
Slowly move your gaze to the third toy. Keep part of your attention on both the second and the first toy while placing attention on the third as well. Maintain this balance for a few moments. Then move your gazes. Then move your gaze back to the second toy. Withdraw your attention from the third toy while maintaining the connection with the second and the first. Hold this for a few minutes.
Now withdraw your attention from the second toy and place your gaze and full attention back on the first toy.
Hold it for a few minutes, then draw the attention back into yourself.
Feel yourself as fully present and take three deep breaths.


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