Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lose Your Head

Every day write out an experiment, or a little paragraph conveying a message that might be of use to someone else conducting such experiments. On days when you are identifying with the so called "sleeping machine" to the extent of wondering how calling it "sleeping machine" is very helpful, go ahead and write something down. Even if you feel that you are in no position to be sharing your perspective with anyone else because at the moment you can’t remember what your perspective is, write something semi instructional in the spirit of offering up tid bits which may or may not be of interest to others tending a similar path, (even if you’re presently not clear about what path you might be tending, or what that would mean.) Write something that even in an awakened state you would prefer not to write because in that state you agree with Depeche Mode that "words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm…"
Write habitually and try to come alive with it. Make the effort to pour yourself lovingly into it, even if you’d rather crawl under a rug and stop breathing, because doing it right then matters more than ever, even if you don’t remember why. Accept that it’s okay, probably even good, to behave as if you are brain damaged and repeat the same action daily with enthusiasm despite being unable to rationalize it. Accept that rationalizing may be a form of brain damage. Trust that you’re too big to fit inside of your own damned head and the only way to get in touch with yourself may be to, as they say, "lose your head."
Lose your head and write about it to encourage others to do the same and even offer up suggestions for how to lose it.
(Because I’d like this tid bit to be especially full of love I will suggest setting your head on a park bench and running away from it really fast. I prefer this method over music, lovemaking, or the use of psychedelics because it’s more difficult and I have a self destruct habit that trickles into effect when I’m not looking and suggests that I do things in a way that might be too hard for me so I can feel bad about fucking up later. Another very good method could be playing a game of polo with the Queen of hearts.)
Post them on a blog, or publish them, or print a few of them and leave them at public transportation stops.


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