Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Trapped Like A Rat

Running through an endless string of moments that can turn anywhere, what does it matter where you turn? Some will be pleasant, some will be excruciating, what is the difference if you are trapped there? As a slave to the maze what can be accomplished?
If I become a master of the maze, in other words, someone who understands the essence of maze running and can choose between corridors and chambers, what can you do with that?
What if you could become lucid in the dream you are having right now, then what? What can you do with a moment?
You cannot escape the maze or master the maze by running it with no awareness that it is a maze, or that you are a rat.
If you can at least perceive what you are and where you are objectively, then you can begin to work with what you have.
What can you do with what you have?
What can be done with a moment?


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