Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Signs of Life

Our views of creation, history, life in the Milky Way, radiate from the point of being human. They are colored by the self-centered assumption that we are the most evolved, intelligent, and conscious life forms on planet earth and in the galaxy. It would never occur to us that what we consider to be our most prized possession, our highly prized and superiorly developed rationality, bears no objective value and that the ideas that flower within it will wither with the death of the individual organism and eventually be extinguished entirely by the extinction of the species.
We have hardly considered that we are only one brief phase in a planet’s life cycle, that just as a reproductive boom for algae 3,500 million years ago changed the face of the planet and set the stage for new forms of life, we are only acting as a catalyst for a new earth age and the form of life that will be preferred will be far from human and without the abnormal consciousness that we cherish.
Have we ever wondered what is the preferred consciousness to act as a vessel of life? Have we considered that the preferred forms for the evolution of life could be plants, or even a fungus and that in the scheme of life we are only meant to act as agents for transforming, or even merely transporting their consciousness?


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