Friday, December 15, 2006

Experiment: Alien Walk In

Imagine that you are not you. You are an alien spirit that just woke up in a human body, an alien spirit that has always wanted to be something like human. See yourself, your environment, everything, as if you have just stepped into a scene in a play and from here on you will deviate from the script because you are unfamiliar with it.

Everything is new.

Anything is possible.

Get enthusiastic about doing something you have done a gazillion times- like taking a shower.
Take a shower and feel the hot water as an extreme luxury, the act of conjuring water at will is magic. Enjoy the feel, the smell, and the look of it. Enjoy being in your body. Wash yourself carefully, taking time for the things you usually rush through. Read the label and shampoo your hair twice for the sheer joy of it.
After the shower journal about the things you would do with this body in this play as an enthusiastic alien walk in.


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