Saturday, December 09, 2006


The marriage of the personality and the being is subject to occasional turbulence.
Having begun the work of forming new habits which will make communication between the being and the personality more fluid, there will be occasional breaks in the communication.
At times the personality may slip back into some of its older mechanical habits. During such a break we may find ourselves becoming identified with the personality.
This can happen to the extent that we nearly forget the being and its role.
In becoming identified with the personality we may fall for the old trick of believing that the personality is the real self, the only self.

This is a dangerous trick.

In believing that it is the only real or important self, the personality can fall out of contact with the being. The true self is then severed.
The very most basic step is to establish and maintain the connection between the being and the personality.
Together they form a vessel that can support life.

Separated they are ghosts.


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