Monday, December 04, 2006

Experiment: Playing the Part

Obtain a bracelet, ring, wristwatch, necklace, hat, belt or other accessory.
You will only use this object in connection with this experiment. Keep it entirely separate from the other items of this nature that you would ordinarily use in the course of your life, and never wear it unless you are doing the experiment.
When you wear this item you will become a new character, someone other than yourself. Choose a few traits to begin with, such as a preference for a beverage that you ordinarily don't care for, interest in a subject or hobby that you ordinarily wouldn't explore, and adopt a physical posture or gesture uncommon to
your usual self.
When you have your accessory and an idea of the character you will become, play the part for an hour. Go out as your character, somewhere your character would go. The key is to really become some one else. Let your usual identity take a break. Don't be you pretending to be someone else. Make the effort for the hour to relate to the world as someone else.
When the hour is up, put away your accessory and the new character along with it. Journal about the experience.
Repeat the experiment twice more assuming the same character. Take note of any interesting developments or observations. You may develop the character more fully. Be aware of the characters philosophical views and values, of what motivates them. Let their views be at least slightly different than your own. Commit to these views without your usual judgements while you are in character.
When you have conducted this experiment three times you are ready for the next phase. Be an actor playing
yourself for one hour. Exaggerate your usual postures, gestures, and mannerisms. Overact your usual identity. Once again, journal about the experience.


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