Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Experiment: Creator, Destroyer, Maintainer

Gather twelve stones.
Upon three of them paint a red triangle,
on another three a yellow square,
on three more a blue circle,
on the final three paint a silver crescent.

Place each group of stones in one of four corners within an enclosed space.
When they are all in place burn a candle for a few minutes in the center of the room.
Sit in front of the candle and gaze at the flame. Extinguish it after 3 minutes have lapsed. Leave the stones in the space if they will be undisturbed.

On the second day set a glass of water in the center of the room. Move one stone from each group into the next group moving clockwise through the room. Sit in front of the glass of water and gaze at it for three minutes. After the three minutes have passed drink the water. Once again leave the stones in place.

On day three, place a feather in the center of the room. Rotate one stone from it's original group counter clockwise into the next group. Sit with the feather for three minutes.

On day four place a thirteenth stone in the center of the room. Do not move any of the smaller stones. Sit with the thirteenth stone for three minutes. Allow this placement to remain intact for the rest of the day.


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