Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Experiment: Minstrel

Set the timer for 5 min. and the Metronome for 60 bpm.
Begin to tell a story by singing it. (It helps to imagine yourself as a Celtic minstrel.)
Insert measured pauses as you go. They can be of any duration that you desire, the metronome is only there as a point of reference.
Carry the story/song on until the timer sounds.
Pay special attention to the role silence plays in the story and the music that goes with it.


Set the timer for 5 min, and the metronome for 60 bpm.
This time tell the story without words. Imbue the singing with the story telling without actually "telling" it.
This time pay attention to being dynamic. Exaggerate the inflections. If a part of the song is loud and passionate go over the top with it, if it is peaceful and quiet really commit to that. Be sure to give it these parts.
If the song is quiet and peaceful all the way through, it isn’t dynamic.


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