Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Experiment: Butterflies

Using a sheet of white paper, cut it into little one inch by three inch strips. You may also use tissue paper. You will need twelve little strips of this size.
Twist them at the center so that they are little avant-garde butterflies. You may use tape to make the center twist more secure or stable.
Kiss life into each of your butterflies and put them in a in a jar. Place a label, or write directly on the jar with permanent marker this sentence: "I am what remains."
Place the jar in a location where you will see it often throughout your day.
The next day remove three butterflies. These three will be sacrificed in water. Set them free into any body of water. The ocean is nice if available, but a river, lake, pond, rain puddle, swimming pool, or bath tub will do.
The following day remove three more butterflies from the jar. These are to be sacrificed in fire. A candle flame, camp fire, or lighter over a sink will do fine. Naturally you should exercise caution.
On day four remove three more butterflies to be sacrificed in earth. Bury them alive in your garden, at a park, along side your favorite hiking trail, or even in the bottom of a small planter.
On day five remove the final three butterflies. These are to be sacrificed in the air. Drop them of a balcony or cliff, attach them to a kite and let the kite go, or use a paper airplane to help them get some lift.
Allow the jar to remain in it's prominent location for 5 more days.


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