Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Highs and the Lows

Through our years of work, we can't move always in a straight line up into higher states. It is not possible, nor is it even truly desirable. All processes in the Universe move according to the Law of Octaves, and our Work is no different. Sooner or later we will hit an interval, things will slow down, our mood will grow darker and our energy may seem depleted.
At these points in time, we have to allow our new conscious habits to kick in. It is through these habits that we will find our way through the interval and emerge back into the flowing, endless cycle of the Work. If we are caught in a dark interval without the aid of our habits, we could be trapped in that state for years or even for the rest of our lifetime.
These conscious habits can't be developed during the interval! If they haven't been set in place before then, it's too late. The habits must be developed, practiced and refined during the high states, the spaces where everything seems available and possible (and it is.)
At the highest peak, be aware of the dark valleys coming up in the horizon and prepare.
At the lowest valley, remember the habits, abide by them (no matter how difficult it may seem) and keep your eyes on the higher peak that already can be seen in the horizon.


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