Friday, October 20, 2006

Experiment: Gibberish

For this experiment you will need a partner.
Sit across from your partner and set a timer for 10 min.
Take a moment to establish contact. Let the energy flow in silence through your mutual breath and attention.
After a short period of time start a conversation in gibberish.
Do not use real words. You can use any syllable or any other kind of sound not normally used in your English or any other language that you know. Make an effort to communicate and truly somehow express "meaning" even through your rational mind has no meaningful referent for the sounds you are producing.
Maintain the being to being connection and let the vocalizations flow uninhibited for the duration of the ten minutes.
When the ten minutes are over, allow the gibberish to die out and maintain the contact a bit longer, letting the silence and the breath create a tangible space around you.


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