Saturday, October 14, 2006

Feeding Demons

Feeding demons is akin to feeding stray cats. Having coaxed you into feeding them once, they know that they will be capable of doing it again and so return. If you bend to their fancy repeatedly, they grow larger and stronger. Soon they no longer need to ask, they have grown bigger than any other aspect of self which you may have hoped to develop. They run the show. In short, beware of demons. They come to us as small hungry things, things that, seemingly, it wont hurt to indulge. They are likeable and it can be hard to pin point them as undesirable guests. In fact, in some societies their presence is welcome, and anyone wishing to navigate by another presence from within, something other than the demonic presence, will appear to be moving against the culture surrounding them. If we have embarked in some work which feeds this "something otherwise" we will find ourselves frightfully alone in a world run by demons. (But press on assured that it is a worthy work, and there are others.) We will find that the methods of feeding which are acceptable to those around us will be unacceptable to us, as unacceptable as a cat's dinner would be to a song bird. You are what you eat, and you are what you feed. Therefore be careful in deciding which appetites are worthy of your nature.


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