Monday, October 02, 2006

Experiment: Rabbit Hole Basics

Set your timer for five minutes. Pick an object and look at it. Weave a series of associations that branch out from the object.
For example I might look at a rose, the rose makes me think of my grandmother, my grandmother makes me think of quilts, quilts make me think of Quakers, Quakers make me think of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village, that makes me think of Salem Massachusetts which makes me think of the psychic wiccan I saw on TV who finds lost children,…
Say each word or phrase aloud as it comes to you. You can use the same volume you would use if you were talking to someone in the same room. In other words, not too loud, not too soft.
Watch the timer as you go. The goal is to subtly bring the associations back to the object in five minutes.
To continue the example from before:
lost children make me think of lakes, lakes make me think of boats, boats make me think of sailors, sailors make me think of prostitutes, prostitutes make me think of the color red, the color red makes me think of roses.
You don’t want to bring things full circle long before the five minutes are up, or long after. Try to bring it to a wrap 45 sec before or after the timer sounds.


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