Monday, September 25, 2006

Experiment: The Errand

Run an errand such as shopping for groceries or going to the post office or bank. It should be something that you are accustomed to doing, a task that is routine.
This time while running the errand you will walk and move extra slowly. The pace should be excruciatingly slow. Be present with every step as if each footfall upon the earth were a kiss upon your true love's face. Move gently and deliberately and keep your attention on your every motion. Be relaxed and present as if you are enjoying every moment of the task to the point of eroticism and are in no hurry for it to end. Feel everything as if it were an electrifying first brush against a mysterious new love interest. The air you breath, the sun or lack of it on your skin, the teller, clerk, or post master, everything you encounter is an encounter with your beloved.
When the task is complete, resume life as usual. Don't try to keep it up.
after the decided upon task is complete, drop the experiment and move on with your day.


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