Sunday, September 17, 2006

Change of Presence

We are on our way to capture the Dragon, and we are told:

"The main reserve of the Dragon's strength is in his right leg."

What shall we do?

Shall we then attack the Dragon from all directions, but avoid coming close to the right leg?

Or shall we concentrate ALL OUR EFFORTS in securing the right leg.

If we trap the Dragon in a net but the right leg is left unsecured, the strength will be transferred and the Dragon will find a way to escape.

But if the right leg is secure, there will be no transference and the Dragon will be helpless.

The transference is known as the "Change of Presence".

When looking to capture the Dragon, disengage your attention from its outer manifestations and look for the source of strength.

If the source is not apparent, place your attention on one of the manifestations and follow the track of energy to the secret source.

Only attack when you have found the source and have a way of securing it.


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