Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Magickal work with others

The most critically necessary condition for conducting Magickal work with another person or group is a strong Being to Being connection. It is not enough for individuals to have charming , friendly personalities with good or even excellent compatibility. Real Magickal work happens through Being to Being contact. The importance of experiments related to this (such as contact tag) are fundamental. They surpass all more elaborate rituals in importance. A group or pair can dance around in robes spouting incantations until the holy cows come home and it will amount to nothing without this contact. Conversely those individuals who have established and maintained such a connection will, as a byproduct of this contact, find themselves in a magickally charged space, even without all the frills.
The writers of this text maintain that Magick can not be found in a book or through worthless re enactments of the actions of others. It is through experimentation and experience alone that we may touch the fabric of existence. There is much that is real that cannot be touched by words. There is much that is real that cannot even be processed by our finite human minds. Finally, there is much that we can be brush up against when we unchain all of our senses and reach into the world with more than the mind.


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