Friday, October 13, 2006

Many Shades of Space

There is really only one space that we occupy, it is our relationship to the flow of energy through ourselves and the space which gives the space shape. Lying in a catholic hospital with your finger nearly severed, blood dripping down your arm, your nervous system informing you via screaming pain that something has gone drastically wrong, you may feel despair, fear, anger, or more likely a sensation that escapes definition but is none the less extremely unpleasant. The crucifix hanging over the bed seems awful, the entire mood is sinister. Now if you have found and gained proficiency in a technique for coping with extreme pain through a mystery school, or on a Lamaze video and remember to apply it, the mood will be different. You see the crucifix objectively, your attention is being directed in a particular direction by the technique you are employing and the space takes on different qualities. It begins to seem like you'll be okay, this place is okay. Now the nurse hooks you up to an IV pumping morphine, the doc stitches you up, and Jesus looks friendly hanging up on that cross. This is a really nice place. You feel watched over and not only are things okay, maybe this is a good experience. The mood has evolved yet again. In a situation like this, the senses are heightened and the shifts can be dramatic and noticeable. It's a microcosmic example of what is happening on a much grander scale.


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