Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Waiting By The River

There are times when we find ourselves surrounded by human robots. Even individuals we thought of as being willful and in control may suddenly become toasters on a rampage. We ourselves may find that we want to respond to toaster aggression with the same.
These are the moments when staying extra composed counts the most. Just when you are convinced that there is no point in doing spiritual work, when you feel that communicating with your inner being (alien) is a load of tripe, that’s when you must work your hardest to stay at the right end of the leash. Walk your dog (or toaster). Don’t let it walk you.
I want to make it clear that it does no good to get into a direct conflict with yourself, trying to dominate your toaster/dog self will only increase the struggle. Be gentle with yourself, be calm the way you would with a child you love. If a baby is crying it does no good to yell at it, it will only cry harder. The best tactic is playful distraction. "Look at the pretty butterfly!" or "Would you like a popsicle?" works better than assuming the roll of a drill sergeant.
When you’ve managed to disengage yourself from those terrible inescapable woes you can go and wait by the river which eventually will carry away the bodies of your enemies. Your foe, both internal and external, will meet the sea eventually. Instead of drowning with them, make sure to walk, sail or surf.


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