Saturday, October 21, 2006

Experiment: The Wind Blew From Everywhere

This experiment has three steps to be completed on three consecutive days. Record your observation of each step.

1- On the first day write three short poems revolving around the words "the wind blew from everywhere".
The order of the words needn't be maintained. The words may appear in any arrangement whatsoever. You may even play with the words themselves, rearranging the letters to form new words. Use them like a handful of blocks to build three different structures. Be unattached to the outcome, don't worry if they are good or bad poems.
The poems themselves are unimportant. Give it your attention and effort without being critical. Set a timer and take no longer than seven minutes on each poem.

2- On day two find three objects, one that complements each poem.
These objects may relate to the poems concretely or abstractly, but make an effort in the direction of the abstract. You may have something on hand, search for it outside, or find it in your recycling bin. You may even make something, as long as you have all three objects ready by the end of day two.

3- On day three you will select three areas of your home to place the poems and the objects which complement them.
They should be placed in areas where they will be respected by others. If you share a residence place them in areas where they will remain unharmed by those with whom you co-habit,
including pets.

All three mini-installations may be placed in different areas of one room if you prefer. You may leave them up longer if you wish, but keep them in their respective locations for at least three days.


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