Thursday, October 26, 2006

Experiment: Grand Cycles 1 - 3 vrs 4

Draw three circles on the ground, this is easy to do at the beach by drawing in the sand, but there are ways to do it in other settings. You could use string.
Place four stones evenly distributed along the outer ring, place three along the inner ring, two around the innermost ring, and one in the center.
One person stands on the outer ring and the second on the inner. They will face each other to start with.
One stone from the outer ring must line up with one from the inner ring, this is your starting point.
Set a metronome to keep pace. Establish contact then start the metronome. The person on the outer ring moves counter clockwise and the person on the inner ring moves clockwise.
The person on the outer ring will keep track of their pace. After six beats at the starting point the pace keeper will say next and both parties proceed to the next stone in their path.
They remain there for six beats then the pace keeper calls out next and they move on. Eventually their orbits will bring them into alignment again. Each time they are in alignment, the contact must be clearly reestablished.
Try making this rotation at least three times before calling a stop.


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