Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Experiment: Ancient Aquatic Reptile

To conduct this experiment you will need to obtain an artificial ancient aquatic reptile. Your reptilian replica must be fabricated in a waterproof medium. A small rubber alligator or crocodile will do nicely.
Every day for seven days give your ancient aquatic reptile a bath. You may bathe with your reptile, or allow it to bathe on its own. It may be bathed in a sink or tub, the rule is that it must always be bathed in a place that you would find suitable if you were an artificial aquatic reptile.
Use bubble bath, or essential oils, light candles, play music, the more you can do to set the mood for an enjoyable soak the better.
Treat this replica with great care. Each bath should be at least 20 minutes long. During this time give it the benefit of your presence and attention in the moment. Scrub its back, make it swim, let it rest on your stomach.
Keep your ancient aquatic reptile wrapped in a towel or a bit of cloth and stored in a safe place between bathing. You may opt to bring your bathing beauty to bed with you and sleep with it on a pillow near your head.
Keep a record of your observations each day and take note of any dreams you have during the course of the seven days.


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