Sunday, November 05, 2006

Experiment: Reverse Absorption

Set yourself up with a timer paper and pencil at a table.
You need enough space to walk safely around the table and enough privacy to conduct this experiment without raising eyebrows.
Read the following text out loud three times:

waj gnilims yltneg htiw
ni seihsif elttil semoclew dna
walc sih daerps yltaen woh
nirg ot smees eh yllufreehc woh
elacs nedlog yrve revo eliN eht fo sretaw eht htab dna
elat gninihs sih evorpim elidocorc elttil eht htod woh

Then walk backwards around the table three times.
Walk slowly and deliberately. Be present with each step as if you are engaing in a walking meditation(which in fact you are.)
When you have completed the third backwards circling of the table, reverse your direction and walk around the table three more times, this time walking forwards.
Maintain the meditative pace.
Be aware of each time your foot connects with the floor.
When you have completed your rounds sit down at the table. Set the timer for 9 min.
Begin to write anything that comes to mind. It need not be orderly.
It can be streams of words, ideas, descriptions of images called to mind, a poem, scene, or short tale. Whatever you produce is fine.
Keep going until the timer sounds, no matter how far of a stretch it seems.
Pay special attention to any dreams you have during the night following this experiment and journal about them. On the following day read the text one more time carefully. Record your final observations.


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