Thursday, November 02, 2006

Experiment: Mirror

For this experiment you will need a partner.
Find a space where your movements will not be restricted.
For this experiment there will be a leader and a follower. Decide who will play which role first and set a timer for ten minutes.
Stand facing each other to begin.
Spend a few moments establishing Being to Being contact.
The leader will begin moving slowly and the follower will mirror the movements. Remain in contact as you move. Allow the motions to be slow and fluid.
Without breaking the flow, switch the roles of follower and leader. By keeping your attention on you partner and remaining present you will allow this switch to transpire smoothly.
You may manage to switch back and forth several times during the course of the ten minutes.
Remember that the aim is to remain relaxed and connected. Don't force the switches. If you are both present with each other in the movements, natural moments for the switch will present themselves.
When the timer sounds come to a slow stop.
Bow to your partner and thank them.


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