Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Small Steps Towards Real Will

As we begin work on our true eternal muscle: The Will, it is important that we take things very slowly. The basic task is to decide clearly what to do, to write it down and then to do it.
Easier said than done... Literally.
So take it easy. Start with things that are so easy and simple that it's nearly impossible that you won't be able to do them.
Breaking a major agreement with yourself is far more detrimental than choosing to make only small agreements.
It is not the content of the agreement that matters. It's the process of making a statement of intent and doing as you intended. Taking baby steps is more useful than attempting to perform an acrobatic feat only to land on your face.
Taking these small steps daily is habit forming.
Many small successes make for a better habit.
As the habit grows, so does the Real Will.
Paradoxically, taking things slow will make this happen faster.


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