Friday, November 03, 2006

The Journal

Keeping a journal of your experiments as well as of your dreams is important.
The impact of these experiments will best be measured by your dreams. If our little experiment goes as planned, the experiments presented to you, should act as seeds. The only way to note the growth of the seeds is to monitor the rich soil of the subconscious. By observing and recording our dreams, we may determine if there is in fact something growing, and further, this attention may cause whatever is growing to blossom within our ordinary consciousness. Do not, however, despair if the design of things does not become "concrete" in a way that satisfies your waking consciousness. Remember that not all plants are fruit bearing, and even without satisfying the hungry ego, they may be deserving of a chance at life.
We therefore recommend that in addition to conducting these experiments, you keep record of them. Date your entries well and note all thoughts, sensations, apparent outcomes, and experiences that accompany the experiment. In addition, keep a well dated journal of your dreams.
And most importantly:
Maintain your sense of adventure and never give in to the urge to "find a point". "Finding a point" can foster a virulent form of "herbicide" that will ultimately ravage the garden we must strive to tend.


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