Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Habits at the Doorway

We have developed certain habits to avoid an awakened state.
To be clear, here we are not talking about the general habits that you may have that are not conducive to the waking state in a general way. We are talking about habits that the machine has developed that only come into action when the waking state is close. As soon as the doorway to waking life is within view, then these particular habits will emerge.
If we can bypass these habits, we can enter an awakened state.
Each person's set of preventive habits is individual. It becomes necessary for the individual to recognize the habits so that they can gradually learn to bypass them. This can't be done in a hurry. It takes time first to identify them, then to isolate them, to work with them and eventually to learn to sneak by them.
Once we reach the awakened state we can develop new habits.
This is the ultimate goal of Work on Self.

Being awakened is not the goal, it is the means through which we can reach the goal.

To change the unconscious habits of the machine is known as Transformation.

Transformation can achieved only during the awakened state.

Turn it on. Work on it. Change it. Turn it off.
Come back later.


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