Monday, November 13, 2006

Die Like A Dog

A dog was dying in the street and wondered why he had lived only to die as a dog. He was a mad dog indeed, for what could he have done with his life that would have allowed him to die as anything other than a dog?Could he have escaped this fate?Is it possible that a dog, or even a man, is born with the same magical potential as a caterpillar and that through some special effort he could have affected a transformation of the self? As he, a very wise dog in his moment of dying, was lying there dying, he realized if he had been born a dog, lived as a dog, and died as a dog, chances were good that as he embarked into a mysterious existence after the moment of his death, he would continue to be a dog.
It dawned on him that if the afterlife mirrored the life he presently recalled, then he would no doubt die as a dog doomed to be born as a dog at the end of his afterlife.
He realized that even if his death sent him forward into a high and heavenly realm, his habits would still be those of a dog, and that butt sniffing, leg humping and slipper chewing would likely eject him from that space reserved for other activities.
Now, alas it was too late to form new habits, he was already on his way... but nonetheless, he wondered, what could the meaning and purpose of life be?


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and Barney had Fred, you idiot!

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