Thursday, November 23, 2006

Moving Towards Symmetry

One basic problem is a lack of symmetry in the modern civilized human. That is to say that the personality is over developed, and the Being is underdeveloped.
The current culture is personality driven, little to no attention is given to developing the Being. A personality driven body of habits will see no point in activities that develop the atrophied hidden Other referred to here as the Being.
A personality driven body of habits may be essentially blind to this other aspect of self.
Neither aspect of self is useful to life on its own. The Being must ultimately eat the personality, thereby achieving a true and permanent Transformation.
The personality must not be "overactive" and the Being must be engaged in the activities facilitated by the personality.
How can we encourage this union?
The only way to change the self is to develop new habits, habits that are not personality driven.
Forming a habit requires activity. The being and the personality are united through activity. This means that you may experience a unity of self while performing ordinary activities, activities the personality is familiar with, as long as the effort arises from the being.
This is easier done than said.


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